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Alcohol content of Bomber Barley Wine

Hello all,

Newbie here.

I just a got a Northern Brewer small batch kit back in December and did a batch of Carribou Slobber and Dead Ringer before Xmas. Made up a batch of Bomber Barley Wine after the holidays and I just cracked open my first bottle today. :cheers:

I just basically followed the kit’s directions, and I realize there could be variations on how it was made, but I was curious if there is a standard alcohol content to this kit. I know Barley Wines are generally stronger than most beers. I looked around the NB site but did not see any mention of alcohol content for the kit.

Also I was wondsering how to measure the alcohol content or does that have to be done during the brewing process?


ken k

Measure your starting gravity and your final gravity. There are calculators out there for ABV based on that. It does need to happen during brew day. If you followed the directions precisely, you can maybe get a very rough estimate of the possible ABV, but there are a lot of variables.

Since you didn’t measure, I would take the estimated OG given by the recipe, then use the percentage attenuation of the yeast to come up with a possible range of final gravities, then use to get your estimated ABV.

Again, without actual measurements this is kind of a shot in the dark.

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