Alaskan FreeRide APA

Looking for a recipe to clone Alaskan Freeride APA. I’m loving the beer! From their website:

Alaskan Freeride APA is brewed with Cascade, Citra, and Centennial hops, premium two-row and specialty crystal malts, and Juneau’s glacier-fed water.

Alaskan Freeride APA features a lush, green, almost tropical hop aroma paired with the unique taste combination of these three, distinctive hop varieties, making it both full in flavor and crisply thirst-quenching.

I came across the NB Kama Citra recipe kit. Anyone have any idea if that’ll get me close? Probably start with an extract recipe.

(I’ve been about a year away from brewing…too busy :frowning: …now it’s time to get some kegs filled for summer!! )

There’s a clone recipe on Brewer’s Friend. Looks like a lot of crystal in there to me but they use the same hops . ... -apa-clone

You could try the NB Kama Citra kit an ease back into regular brewing again, looks really tasty and has a lot of likes.