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Al Oxide coating

Hi all,
I’m trying to fight a metallic taste in my beer. I believe it is oxidation, but I want to rule out flavors from my aluminum pot. I have a fairly uniform light brown layer over most of the inside of the kettle. However, I’m concerned that sometimes after brewing I remove some or all of the layer accidentally by leaving 1-step in the pot. Will 1-step remove the layer? Or, being an oxygen cleaner, not acidic, could it even add to the layer? And why doesn’t boiling wort in the pot remove the layer, being somewhat acidic? Also, has anybody actually ever tasted an Aluminum off-taste from using aluminum?

On a similar note, after brewing in stainless steel, I find a “foggy” dull layer on the bottom of the pot. Not sure what it is, but it comes off pretty easy. Should I leave that there or clean it off?

I would definitely not use 1 Step or any other percarbonate based cleaner in AL. It will remove the oxidation layer and there are reports of destroying AL post using percarbonates. When I used an AL kettle I usually just wiped it with a sponge. Dish detergent occasionally is the most I ever used.

Thanks. It’s not really a kettle, just a pot, so no posts. But good to know I should not use it in there. I was in the habit of dumping the dirty sanitizer from my buckets into the pot to help clean it. But now I’ll avoid it.
I’m assuming using percarbonate cleaners in stainless steel is okay though.

Yep, not a problem.

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