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ak47 ag

Has anyone here brewed the AK47 AG offered by NB? If so, what is your opinion?


I’ve never brewed it (or heard of it until now), so can’t offer any input except to wonder why they would name a 3% ABV mild “AK47” - seems like it would be more accurate to call it the “Ruger .380” or something similarly girly. :wink:

It’s ok. Very plain and mild. A good beer for BMC drinkers. And I couldn’t agree with shadetree more… why a beer like that would be called AK47 is beyond me.

“AK47, the very best there is… when you absolutely positively gotta kill every m___f___r in the room, except no substitutes”

  • Samuel L. Jackson -

Well, I ordered it. I figured the guys who are addicted to BMC beers will like it. I’m having a big 4th of July “Grill-n-Swill” so I need a girly beer for all the BMC lovers, anyway.

A&W. :slight_smile:

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