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Hello all,
New to brewing and forum .Just did my first batch of cream ale. I borrowed equipment from buddy that introduced me to brewing. We realized that I needed an airlock because his was being used. I went to local supplier and bought an s type and the three piece type. I used the s type in my brew bucket. I just noticed that some how the one side is above the max line and the other side dropped from its original level. Is this normal ? Or did I some how when I installed it change the levels ? Should I try to fix it, put the three piece in or just leave it alone. Also It has been 24 hours since pitching yeast and haven’t seen any bubbles yet. I have a thermometer close to the bucket and its 1 degree below recommended temperature range should I move it or just let be. It should get a little warmer where its at. Thanks for all your help.


All is well. As long as there is something in the airlock (Starsan, vodka, whatever) it’s fine. The gas pushing out will push all the liquid to one side. I prefer the 3 piece airlock since it’s much easier to clean and you can attache a hose for a blowoff tube, but the S type work just fine too.

Fermentation can take up to 72hrs to start. Keep an eye on it, but I’d bet you see something in the next 12-24hrs.

Good job with your temps. A degree or two below the lower recommended temp is a good starting point.


+1 Dobe is right. Patience is hard when you are new because you haven’t experienced these new things yet. But you will be rewarded with patience in the end. Keep asking questions, many experienced brewers here will gladly help you thru the process.

Thanks just wanted to check all is well.

If there’s enough CO2 to push the liquid to one side in the airlock then you’re fermenting. If you don’t see bubbles it could be because the gas is escaping around the bucket lid. Not a problem, many bucket lids just don’t seal well.

Relax, you’re makin’ beer!

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