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Airlock vs. Blow Off Assembly

Due to unfriendly temps both inside and outside the house, I am wanting to purchase a Wine Cooler to keep my fermentation temp stable. The Wine Cooler I want to purchase does not allow enough room for an Airlock. Is a Blow Off Assembly a good substitute for the Airlock? Most of my relatively experienced brewing friends say Airlock is the way to go, despite not being able to fit inside the Wine Cooler. Looking for some insight. Thanks

A blowoff tube is an air lock. Its a bit tougher to move your fermenter around, but it serves the same purpose.

A blowoff tube should work just fine. if the cooler is nice and clean, you could just skip the airlock and blowoff-the CO2 will blanket the top of the beer in the bucket or carboy as long as there is not a fan or something blowing on it. This guy has been doing “open” fermentations by just loosely placing the lid on top; (

one word of caution…two words of caution:


fruit flys

whatever you do, make sure that your mechanical means of covering your fermenter does not allow our frisky or flying friends from ruining your work.

also; a blow off hose takes up more overall space than a fermentation lock; i am unfamiliar with a wine cooler besides the bartles and james variety, so i don’t know your needs exactly.

another cheap and easy method to lower your temps might be a “swamp cooler”.

I would go with the blow off tube.

+1 to the blow off tube,

Thanks for all your inputs, they were all helpful.

Quite a few people just use a piece of sanitized aluminum foil during the active fermentation period, which is when temperature control is so important.

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