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Airlock or foil

Was is the best thing to use when making a starter? I’m going to have a 1000 ml in a flask with a stir plate. What’s the best thing to do?



I did foil on the last couple starters, but I do the shake intermittently method and I like to know if the starter is still fermenting, I think I’m gonna go back to an airlock.

You don’t want to lock out the air in a starter.

Foam stopper ... -45mm.html

Even better!

I use that, but when you shake it up, it still foams, yo!

Stir plate, yo! Usually keeps the krausen to a minimum. And is the best way to grow yeast.

If it’s a big starter, like almost filling the flask, the stopper may be pushed out. In that case I just hook up a blow off tube. But 9 out of 10 starters I make are between 1000 & 1500ml. Having said that, I make the second step of a 1gallon starter last night. Took off in just under 2hrs and blew the foam stopper right out. I put some foil around a blowoff tube and stuck that in the top. Worked ok. I think I may get a second stopper and cut a whole in the middle to insert a blow off tube.

What I like about the stopper is that when you sanitize it, it holds onto a lot of the sanitizer. Meaning I stoke it in starsan, wring it out and pop it in the flask. When done, I go to rinse it out and it’s still loaded with star san. It suds up when rinsing.

WOW! Sory. Pour speling al oevr thi plase!

Even better![/quote]
Agreed. But, it wasn’t a listed option. :wink:

Make sure to not place the foam stopper in the flask prior to placing the flask in an ice bath. It will suck that stopper right into the flask.

I was wondering what those foam stoppers were used for. Now I know. And knowing is half the battle!

What is the result of using an airlock/sealing out any air in a starter?

Minimal yeast growth. Lipid synthesis is necessary to build cell walls, and requires oxygen.

I like the foil the most (starsan it). Problem with the foam is it gets saturated and then you have to wash it, wash it again, boil it and I have this foamy thing floating around the cave.

I was wondering this myself having just bought a starter kit and made a stir plate. Seems like most people like the foam stopper?

I think foil is most commonly used. That’s what I’ve used for the last 6 years.

I like to use plastic baggies.

You rebel! :wink:

A brewfriend turned me on to them. They’re great and you get to see all the action.

Of course there are many other uses. :wink:

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