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Airlock mishap and a question

I was stepping up a starter of an old slurry of wlp568, and well long story short I dripped some airlock water into it(I can’t remember if it had any sany in it). Now I have my doubts about using it. I am making a Beligan pale ale, I do have a pack of T-58. I was thinking about splitting the batch and using half with the 568 and half with the T-58, just in case the 568 is garbage i won’t lose the whole batch. what would you guys do? I’m brewing this afternoon.

If it’s just tap water it should be fine.

It’s probably okay. Smell the starter and see if it doesn’t smell funky. If it smells fruity and yeasty, then it’s fine, but if it’s funky, something is up with it. I guess it depends on how clean your airlock is, if there’s ever been any blowoff in there that you didn’t get cleaned out completely, etc. Tap water won’t hurt your starter, that’s what I make my starters out of.

I chickened out and pitched the T-58 for the whole thing. Oh well.

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