Has anyone used those silicone “fluidless” air-locks? Are they any good or better than a regular air-lock? :cheers: Tankie

I’ve used them for secondary only. Never had a problem, just sanitized in solution and put it in.

Only after fermentation has slowed to a near stop. Then you don’t have to worry about a dry airlock. I only have one and I bought it intending to use it for barrel aging, but haven’t tried it out yet in that way. It could blow out during vigorous ale fermentations by the looks of it…

I realize this is an older thread but wanted to update now that I’ve used the silicone air-lock for over a year. This works great for secondary. I’ve had no issues except if you tend to fill your secondary right up to the air lock, it tends to slip in the neck. If you keep the fluid level approximately 1/2" below the air-lock, it will hold to the sides of the carboy and work at advertised.