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Air lock issue at secondary

Back in August I made a batch of White Grape Peach wine. I switched it over to the secondary fermenter, popped tha clean airlock back on, and periodically checked the water level.

I just brewed up another small batch of beer, and placed it by the secondary of wine. I JUST now noticed after about 2 months sitting in the secondary that while the water level is fine, I forgot to put the cone in the 3 piece airlock.

I’ve read posts that it is hard for the contaminates to navigate their way into the brew; however, in my scenario I have the large airlock shell, and the cap. I did NOT have the conical shaped cover to add an extra barrier for mico organisms to slip through the breather holes in the cap, which could fall cleanly through the airlocker.

There doesnt appear to be any foul odors, no visual clues that the wine is compromised, and gravity readings do not appear to be out of wack. Any reason to be alarmed? And no… I’d rather not let any of you dispose of it for me! :smiley:

I had some advice, until I read your last sentence. I’d bet you’re okay. You’ll be able to see/smell if you have vinegar.

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