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Air in beer line

I have one beer line in my setup that is sputtering and foaming on pours.

I have diagnosed what is happening – what I see is that, just after I pour a beer, bubbles are coming into my beer line right where the black liquid (“OUT”) disconnect meets the 3/16 id beer line, below the hose clamp. I have a 4 tap system and this happens regardless of which of the 4 tap lines (disconnect included) I use to tap to this particular keg. No matter which of the four lines I use…bubbles float into the beer line from the OUT disconnect.

BUT, the other lines, when connected to their designated kegs…no bubbles. It makes me think this is a problem with this keg’s beer OUT port.

I have replaced the little black o-ring on the OUT port of the keg in question but without success. I will not use this keg again but I have 1/2 a keg of good beer in there. How to rescue it from these shitty pours? Bummed because this yummy beer is suffering from less than ideal pours.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.



N’ermind. I just realized I can use a jumper. I transferred to another keg and its running good now.

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