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Air compresser regulator as secondary

Hi all,

wondering if an air compresser regulator can be used as a secondary reg.

Anyone try this?

I had a compresser die on me a couple years ago and I salvaged everything execpt the motor just in case I ever needed it. So I have a reg with 2 gauges sitting in my basement taunting me.

An air compressor reg. isn’t rated for the high pressure of CO2. A CO2 reg. can handle 2000 psi on the HP side.
A large rotary screw compressor maxes out at about 250.

I would save it for an air compressor.

Oh I understand definately not touching the hi pressure side.

I was inquiring downstream on the low side. Wondering if anyone has used one like that.

I dont really “need” a second regulator, but if other people have found they work fine, I might consider repurposing what I have lying around.

I would not use it as such, unless you robbed it from an “oil less” compressor…

There was a thread on HBT about this a while back. Somebody found compressor regulators for like $5 and gave it a try. As I recall, I believe they worked fine, they just weren’t quite as accurate, so they had to use a gauge down stream. This might have something to do with the difference between an air pressure regulator and an air flow regulator. If it’s the regulator on the tank, it should be an actual pressure regulator, and you should be good to go.

Oh,it’s quite cheap price
Where do you find it ?

Yeah the one I have is off an oilless compressor. I may try it sometime.

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