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AHA member entering competition

washington state. march. thats all.

You could at least mention the comp and what beers you intend to enter…

No idea of the original poster’s plans but I will be entering a few beers into the Bluebonnet Brew Off in Dallas / Ft Worth this year. Entry deadline is Feb 24th…competition takes place at the Westin DFW on the north side of the airport on March 23 and 24th.

for more details.

I will be entering a Maibock, a schwarz and maybe an imperial stout…haven’t decided if I want to spend the money on the stout entry as its pretty young and probably will not score well due to lack of aging.

Bluebonnet is a great competition - you get worthwhile feedback and it’s an MCAB qualifier, too.

Its the 2012 Joint Cascade Brewers Cup and Puget Sound Pro-Am. I will be entering a slightly customized version of Midnight Beatdown and An American Rye kit from NB I turned into a partial mash with some wheat, barley and rye. I dry hopped the latter with a couple oz cascade for 6 days.

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