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AHA Gary Glass article about InBev NB buy out

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Here’s what kills me. NB is my LHBS. I’m ten minutes from the store. Even though the evil empire owns them, the guys and gals at the shop are my neighbors who put in years of service and did a great job. I feel like I can’t hurt AB without hurting these guys.

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Thanks for finding that @mhall2013. Good read.

Actually a belguim beer company i think is main share holder now of budweiser. Think the company name jupiler beer

The poll results (so far) are interesting "I am not inclined to buy from an Anheuser-Busch Inbev-owned retailer. 72.78% "

If the prices go through the floor after this, I see even those with the highest moral standards not being able to resist.

I will give you an example. We are no fan of Walmart. Walmart moves in, all the small businesses disappear. The fuel filter/water separator for our boat cost $18 at West Marine (and most small marine supplies) $8 at Walmart. This is one of the few things I buy there, just an example off the top of my head.

Let’s hope Walmart doesn’t start selling 2 row :wink:

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Here’s an article with comments from ZX’s “Global Vice President of Homebrewing.”

“At the end of the day, we want to help spread our passion of
homebrewing even further and one day make homebrewing as common a hobby
as gardening or cooking,”

I like the amount brewed by homebrewers (from AHA) 1.2 million brewers brew 2million barrels of beer a year.That works out to about 52 gallons each! Let’s keep up the good work.

Some of the rest sounds like corporate doublespeak.

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First of all BS, complete BS. They want to make money, not share everyone’s passion.

Second of all, I hope not. After we all have worked so hard to remove the stigma homebrewing had (nasty, yeasty, 10% sh!++y tasting beer that is thick as syrup and is only good for causing hangovers) this will likely return it to this status, IMO. We’ve already seen this with Craft beer.

Indeed. I kind of scratched my head at the VP of homebrew title. Have they had previous homebrew investments? Who even is this guy?

I don’t think I ever want to be called “an aspiring Eberhard Anheuser”


I am sitting here in me easy chair, sipping a new castle, watching football… All American style!! OOPS, english ale… I hope they don’t own them too! In reality, We can’t change what has become now… Hoping the forum doesn’t follow suit. Sneezles61

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