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Aging Cider

How long do you age your cider for before drinking?

Do you age in a Carboy/bucket or in the keg?

At room temp or in frig/kegerator?

A Zymurgy article said not to think about drinking for 6 months.

8 - 12 months, in a keg, in my basement, at room temp.
Your patients will be rewarded.

I agree with the 6 month minimum. I age mine as close to 55F as possible and primary in a bucket, then secondary and age in carboys.

You then keg/carb after the 6 months?

My proceedure is to rack to secondary when SG has reached 1.025-1.020. Allow the cider to finish and rack again, then bulk age for 2 months. Bottle and allow to age for a minimum of 3 months. I primary in the low range of the yeast that I have selected and secondary as close to 55F as possible.

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