Aging beer

Hello everybody. So i would like to age a batch for three years (starting a program and its three years long) and I would like to brew a batch the first week of school and crack the first one open the day of graduation :cheers: ;however, not sure what the best extract/partial mash would be to age for this period of time. Also my set up is going to be a deep freezer with an external thermometer so i can regulate the temp at which it ferments. so should i let it sit in the secondary for the majority of the time or would it be alright if I were to bottle it (so i could use the carboy)? any and all advice is greatly appreciated, and thanks in advance.

A good BW should be fine. I would just bottle and wax seal for storage.

Any big beer of your choice. Something 7% plus. Stout, IIPA, BW, Imp Sasion, Old Ale, Imp lager …

Like BB said, run a normal fermentation schedule, 3-6 weeks, and then bottle. Waxing to provide an extra layer of protection and add a great presentation at graduation time is a great idea.

Cool thanks for the help.

Hey not sure if you guys are still looking at this post but i plan on doing the belgian strong golden ale and was wondering if maybe you guys had some thoughts or alterations to the recipe. Thanks again in advance!

Depends on what you want the beer to be.

What is the recipe? I’ll assume it’s a NB kit you are looking at. But I’m to lazy to look them up. :wink:

Yeah it is a NB kit, let me post the link. ... denAle.pdf