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AG Spotted Cow

Everyone I know right now is begging for a New Glarous’ Spotted Cow clone. I’m personally not a huge fan, so I really don’t want to spend a lot of time on this. Anyone have a good all grain recipe they’d recommend?

Spotted Cow is a cream ale, so you’ll need a grist make-up of 2 Row, 6 Row, Flaked Barley and Flaked Maize.

Mash long (60 - 90 mins) and low to ensure fermentability and conversion, probably around 152-153F.

Use low alpha hops (Hallertau Mittlefrau, Styrian Goldings) for bittering and flavor (60 min, 10 min additions) respectively.

Ferment with a good clean yeast 1450, 1056, WLP001, WLP080, etc…

Consider drying it out even more by replacing 10% Flaked Barley with 10% Sugar.

Consider a recipe like:

3lbs 2-Row
3lbs 6-Row
1lb Flaked Barley
1lb Flaked Maize
1lb Table Sugar

Mash 153F for 60 min.

Boil 60 min. 1oz Hallertau Mittlefrau @ 60. 1oz Styrian Golding @ 10 min.

Try this link for my version:


I’m not sure about the variability of commercial beer batches but sometimes I’ll get a Spotted Cow at the bar and it’ll have a noticeable hops flavor and aroma and other times it’ll be dull and muted.

I don’t get much if any DMS with Spotted Cow mostly IMO it’s just a clean Cream Ale.

Speaking of the variability, I’ve also noticed that sometimes Spotted Cow will be very thin, almost watery and other times it will have more body.

The rare occasion I have gotten stuck drinking one of these I have gotten (and always have gotten) an underlying “wet rice” flavor. Can’t stand the stuff myself.

I like Spotted Cow (for the most part) but was just surprised with how much it can vary.

As far as the recipe is concerned, every so often I think I detect a slight sweetness which might come from light crystal malt 10L - 20L, however, IMHO, I don’t think it’s crystal malt as much as the yeast and fermentation process they use which leaves a little sweetness in the beer.

Accounting for variability, I know Spotted Cow is open fermented. Won’t be trying to reproduce that.

Nothing to fear from open fermentation. I’ve done it numerous times, though I’m not sure of the benefit on a homebrew scale.

FWIW, supposedly, Spotted Cow is fermented with a Kolsch Yeast 2565.

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