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AG Irish red ale water profile

What would be a good profile for this brew?

My last IRA was calculated at 21SRM. I used the Bru’n Water Brown balanced water profile. Next time I will use the Malty profile and see which I like better.

My last IRA came in at 17.5 SRM, so I used Bru’n Water’s “Amber Malty” profile, which turned out well:

Calcium 55
Magnesium 5
Sodium 10
Sulfate 55
Chloride 65
Bicarbonate 35

For 18-30 SRM, I’d probably go with the “Brown Malty” profile:

Calcium 60
Magnesium 5
Sodium 15
Sulfate 50
Chloride 60
Bicarbonate 85

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