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After Krausen Drops

So I brewed half a batch of wheat beer with DME. I boiled 3 gallons of water to 3.5 lbs of DME. I had a good strong boil using a banjo burner. I only did a 30 minute boil, which I’ve done in the past and haven’t had any problems (but with a different DME). The krausen has dropped down and I can see what looks like chuncks of krausen still floating on top of the beer. I’ve never seen this much before on top of a beer in a fermenter.

Is this because I used to much DME or did I not boil strong/long enough?

Thanks in advance!


You’ve not given any details about when you’d started and how long you’ve been fermenting. I would say you’re still seeing fermentation but at a less vigourous pace. Yeast will still be rising and clumping together. I’ve seen the same, sometimes it drops completely, sometimes there’ll still be some on the surface. It should turn out ok.

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