Aerating - O2 Flow Rate?

I’ve been using pure O2 “injection” for a while as my method of aerating/oxygenating my wort prior to pitching yeast, and I wanted to check to see how everyone else does it, to make sure my methods are optimal. I appreciate any feedback:

I use a 2 micron stone (it’s permanently attached to a wand) and will turn the simple regulator on just enough to push air through it, and swirl the stone in the carboy for about 60 seconds.

Should I be using a higher flow rate? Should I be opening up the regulator as high as it goes? Is 60 seconds an acceptable amount of time for low-flow through a 2 micron stone? Is there anything else I should consider?


Without a gauge, you’re guessing at flow rate, but if you’re seeing just a thin layer of bubbles on the top after 60 seconds, you’re in the zone. A higher flow rate just means that more O2 is reaching the surface (and thus lost).

If you want to get a little more control, try inflating a 1L bag with the O2 and play with the regulator until you can do so in about a minute, then mark the top of the regulator to be able to return to that setting. I find that 1L/min doesn’t waste any O2 and then I can adjust the oxygenation time to the gravity.