Advice: Hoppy American Wheat Beer

Hi there, I’m a new homebrewer looking to make a great Hoppy American Wheat Beer, similar to Gumballhead by 3 Floyds. I’ve hosted the recipe I’ll be using here ( The only thing to note is that, instead of hopback which is currently listed, I’ll be using a 20 minute whirlpool after flameout instead.

Any and all feedback would be hugely appreciated.


This looks like it would be a good beer.

My comment, judging by your desire to make it “hoppy”, would be that the late hops are kind of light. It looks like you are adding less than 0.4 oz at the 10/5/hopstand stages. If you want it hoppy I think you need to increase those amounts to at least a full oz at 10 and 5, and at least 2 oz in the hopstand.

Make sure the FWH IBU is calculated as a 20 min addition and not full boil.

36 IBU for a 1.063 OG may or may not be bitter enough, depending on what you are looking for.

Not sure if you really are trying to clone Gumballhead. I’ve never tried, but have read that it is heavy on the Amarillo.