Advice for NB Nut Brown

I’ve brewed a few extract, partial mash and a few 1 gallon AG, but this weekend I’m going to be brewing my first 5 gallon AG. Its NB Nut Brown. Just looking for some advice to see if I have my water amounts about right. I’m going to be batch sparging, BTW and using a 5 gallon beverage cooler for my mash tun.

I’m gonna try and shoot for a 6 gallon boil in my new 10 gallon pot and using a turkey fryer burner until I can step that up. Not sure if 6 gallons is too little, but I’ll top it off in the fermenter if my boil off is more than a gallon in an hour.

Here’s what I’m thinking:

8.5 lbs of grain x 1.25 qts per lb = 10.625 qts mash (2.65 gallons)

8.5 x 0.1 gal/lb absorbed = 1.8 gallons absorbed

3.0 gallons wanted from first runnings - 1.8 gallons absorbed = 1.2 gallons short.

1.2 gallons added at end of mash to bring temp up to 168-170.

Collect first running and then sparge with 3 gallons (what temp should I be looking at for sparge)

Add second runnings to first, measure and see how far I’m off of 6 gallons and add water to compensate.

So does this seem about right? I’m kinda basing it off what Denny said on his website. Thanks for any help in advance.

After you mash lauter and drain your kettle see how much you get then just batch sparge with whatever you need to make up the volume you want to boil. i would boil 6.5 gallons because you will boil off at least one gallon and you want to have more than 5 gallons post boil because you are going to lose some volume when you transfer to the fermenter. Also keep some DME around and take a boil gravity if your gravity is low you can add it to the boil.

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Good idea. I’ll increase my volume to 6.5 pre-boil.

Thanks for the advice @brew-cat I got this brewed up Saturday night and used your advice. Ended up with just enough wort to fill my fermenter, fill the tube for my hydrometer and still leave a little liquid with all the trub behind.

Also, first time using my new mash tun, 10 gallon kettle and Blichmann burner. Those three new additions really made it a nice brew day. I’ll try and post some pics.

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