Advice For a Brewers Wife

My husband is an avid homebrewer and I wanted to surprise him with some cool ingredients for Christmas. Does anyone have any suggestions for rare or interesting malts and/or yeast I should buy? Thank you!

What styles of beer does he brew? What kind of fermentor does he use, bucket, glass carboy or stainless steel conical? All grain brewing or extract?

Just need some other basic information to make a suggestion.

He typically does darker beers. We like browns and reds. I’m a big fan of the belgians. He’s pretty flexible and likes to experiment with different flavors. He has a stainless steel conical fermenter and I’m pretty sure he does all grain.

I have various pieces of equipment that my wife knows nothing about since she is not into the brewing, just tasting. I would suggest a set, or a couple of sets, of drinking glasses. There all all different styles. Seems snobbish,but sometimes it is just fun and gift worthy.

I’m usually just into the tasting part as well, haha! We have so many different beer glasses we don’t have room for them all, every size and shape. Thanks for the suggestion though!

Buy him a box of candi. Dark Belgian candi sugar that is. If he likes to read I recommend " brew like a monk ". Maybe some nice Belgian style bottles. You could put together a nice basket.

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I would look for some high quality Maris Otter malt, brown malt, mild ale malt, maybe some Best Red X malt. For hops you could buy east Kent goldings, northdown, williamette, or fuggles. For yeast you could use wyeast 1028, 1084, 1098, 1099, 1187, 1318, 1335, 1469, 1728, or 1968.

That should cover any red ale, brown ale, or Bitter that he could ever brew.

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It might be more than you want to spend, but one of the best Xmas gifts I got from my wife was a kegging kit. Makes it so much easier to package and serve the beers. And eventually (maybe next year?), it will allow you to add a stout faucet, which is the only way you can get a real on-tap experience for stouts at home.