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Adventures with whirlfloc

With my new brewing system, I added the ability to recirculate my wort from the bottom of the kettle, through a chugger, and back into the top of the kettle. I did this in an attempt to speed up the cool down process, thus reducing exposure time and to take less time overall doing something mundane.

I also went back to using my whirlfloc tablets, which I normally love. The clumps were substantial and I was happy with that, they were floating which doesn’t always happen… But then when I went to cool down, the clumps got broken up by the recirc. Luckily the pump never clogged, but still… It sorta defeated the purpose. I guess it could technically still help solids fall out during fermentation. My question is… Could I have sanitized a slotted scoop or SS strainer and manually removed the clumps that were floating? I would do this once the boil had ended but before recirc. I don’t see a problem with this in theory, but I figured it was worth asking before trying.

Are you whirlpooling? If so that trub will settle in the middle. I wait 15-20 mins after my whirlpool.
If not when you transfer to your conical (believe you’re using one) wait about 20 mins and dump the trub out of the bottom.

I haven’t gotten the rest of the necessary pieces for the conical, so I’m still using buckets and carboys for now.

I did whirlpool after it cooled down, I guess I was just wondering if the whirlfloc is able to re-congeal all the gunk after it got broken up by the pump. Meaning, if the whirlfloc made lumps, I broke them up… Then I whirlpool anyways. Is the whirlfloc even doing anything at this point? I have always whirlpooled, so if the gunk isn’t floccing any more than usual… Unless it makes for better clarity in the fermenter, it doesn’t make sense to keep using the tablets. If so, I should switch to gelatin later instead.

Yes even after the pump the proteins and beta-glucans will settle out in the whirlpool.
I use kettle finings for every beer that I don’t want to be hazy (NEIPA, wheats, Wits).

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Ahhh very good then. Then I won’t need to worry at all, thanks!

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