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Adjusting the NB Witbier Recipe

I’m brewing a second batch of the NB Witbier recipe. I brewed the first one straight up and thought it was pretty good.

This time I ordered an extra 3.15lbs LME in addition to the 6.3lbs that come with the kit. I’m thinking about adding all (or most) of the LME to bring the ABV to a little over 6%.

My queston is: Should I add additional hops to keep the balance of the original recipe? It calls for 2oz of Hersbrucker for 60 mins. That gives the original recipe about 23 IBUs. If I add the extra LME, it dilutes the IBUs to about 15. That’s not bad, but I am throwing the proportions out of whack.

I have an extra 1 ounce of Hallertau hops from a previous brew day that would probably work well with this. Adding that for 60 mins would bring the IBUs back up to 23.

Should I add the extra hops, and what would be the best way to utilize them to keep the hops to LME ratio more in line with the original recipe?

I mainly want to take the ABV up a bit without throwing off the balance.


The bitterness should remain the same. But the “perceived” bitterness could be less because of the higher alcohol.

Do some reading on BU:GU and RBR
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