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Adjusting spice level in pumpkin beer?

Hello I have a pumpkin beer that I just took a sample of an it’s little lite on the pumpkin spice. How would one go about adjust the spice’s this late into the beer ?

Bottled or kegged? You could make a spiced tincture with vodka and add to the keg or to the glass ar drinking.

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Just like dry hopping… Sneezles61

I think the problem would be deciding how much

If it’s not packaged you can transfer to secondary, make a tincture like @loopie_beer suggested, then slowly add some and taste until you are happy with it. Not enough spice is way easier to fix than too much.

Personally, I’d set the spices out on the kitchen counter while dumping the pumpkin beer down the drain…:upside_down:


^^^^^^^^ Maybe I’m with you and digress too much… shouldn’t beer taste like… beer? You want pumpkin, make a pie… shovel it in and rinse with a brew! :poop: Sneezles61

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Careful…we may be moving into cyber bullying territory again…:stuck_out_tongue:

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Everyone has different tastes but be careful with spice they can overwhelm a beer pretty quickly. I’m not a fan of spiced beer either. That said I do brew a gingerbread Porter that has alot of spice. It’s also close to 10% which for me holds the spice in check and the spice checks alcohol taste. It’s beer I’ll just have one here and there in Small glass with a side of bourbon


^^^ Now there is where a flavored brew would be appropriate … I see peeps drinking pumpkin beer, and nothing but that at times… I just can’t understand that… But thats just me… Wanna make a point of it … Shmuck!!!:wink: Sneezles61

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