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Adjusting mash temp when adding pumpkin

Planning on brewing the AG Smashing Pumpkin ale in a few days. I think I’m going to add three 15 oz cans of organic pumpkin to the mash. My question is this… Is there any way to predict (reasonably, of course) how much the mash temp will drop when I add the pumpkin? I usually mash at about 1.25q/lb. Thanks.

Heat it up to 150 or so stovetop…

I don’t think it would change the temp too much. FYI, I’d mash closer to 1.5 lbs/qt. Pumpkin can get real sticky and cause stuck sparges. I also recommend a pound of rice hulls if you’ve got them.

I did this last year with BIAB and by adding the pumpkin in the mash my mash temps didn’t drop to much below normal. Although I like DaevGY’s idea. I started at about 165 and it averaged out to 155 for the duration of the mash give or take a degree. This year I plan on taking a different approach. The only thing I was able to get from adding the pumpkin to the brew was a messy mesh bag. I’m going to add oats this year for a creamier mouthfeel and focus more on my spice additions / amounts. Good luck with your brew would like to hear how it turns out. Cheers!

THIS^^^ although there is nothing wrong with adding pumpkin I find its not worth it. First pumpkin beer I made had pumpkin and it was a mess. Every time after that didn’t. Its the exact same recipe minus the pumpkin. FWIW Nobody can tell the difference. The whole thing about pumpkin beer (as well as pie) is the spice addition.

You can also add the pumpkin to your mash water before adding it to the mash tun.

Great idea Dan. I actually did that last year.

+1 to adding to strike water and with Josh the key is the spice not the pumpkin. That said, I still use some but only one small can so it’s “legit”. If you research pumpkin brewing you will find alot of guys successful with just adding to boil.

I am curious, I am going to be brewing this kit next week. How much oats do you add to this?

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