Adjusting mash PH with lactic

My mash PH is too high for a Helles 5.76 without addition of lactic 88%. I use EZ water cal. If i add 2 ml to mash of 3.77 gal of mash in h20 it lowers it to 5.5. However my Alkalinity lower to -111 and RA lowers to -158. Is this ok?
My salts are this. Calcium Magnesium Sodium Chloride Sulfate Chloride /
(Ca ppm (Mg ppm) (Na ppm) (Cl ppm) (SO4 ppm Ratio
Mash Water Profile: 62 5 7 65 36 1.80
Mash + Sparge Water Profile: 76 9 12 69 44 1.57

Don’t worry about what the RA numbers are. Let only the mash pH drive your adjustments.

One thing I might add is that you might want to start with half the recommended acid, and then measure the pH. (with a cooled sample at room temperature) The calculators do a pretty good job, but in my case they aren’t perfect.

I use this simple equation for adjusting mash pH at mash in: