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Adjusting beer color after/during fermentation

I brewed a dubbel about 10 days ago. I made my own candi syrup and I guess it didn’t add as much color as predicted because the beer is more burnt orange color than brown. Can I adjust it with a small wort addition or is this a terrible idea? Thanks…

Cool, thanks.

Would that change the flavor of the beer?

You are adding malt.

more beer says that it will change the flavor slightly.

[quote]Sinamar® is the ideal way to color-correct your lighter beers and to adjust your SRM levels post-fermentation. It is also great for “creative” brewing, and turning a pilsner into a Schwartzbeer, a brown porter into a stout, an IPA into a Black IPA, etc. In order to raise the color of 5 gallons by 6 SRM use 1 ounce of Sinamar.

Sinamar®: Made from Carafa® roasted barley malt and is very dark in color. Extract value is 40-45 Plato°. Sinamar® has been de-bittered through a proprietary processes and does not cause turbidity. It is highly pH-stable and is an all natural product made without any additives.

Note: While Sinamar is primarily used for color correction it also has a slight impact on the beer’s flavor profile as well. We recommend sampling for both color and flavor contribution when deciding how much to use in your beer.

I brewed an IPA on the 27th of last month. The plan was to rack a gallon to a seperate carboy and add sinamar to make a black IPA, unfortunately my LHBS doesn’t carry it. I see no reason to spend a bunch to have one small item shipped to me so I got some midnight wheat and made my own version.
I bottled both parts of this batch on monday and am happy with both so far.

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