Adjust the amount of priming sugar?

Old winemaker and new brewer making the White House Honey Porter kit. The instructions say to use 2/3 cup of sugar in 16 oz of water and add it to the beer before bottling. I’ve got a 5 gallon Pepsi can to use for the beer and won’t be using bottles. Should I adjust the quantity of the priming sugar or will the 2/3 cup be ok for the can?

If you’re using a keg, why not force-carbonate with CO2 rather than priming with sugar? And if you don’t have CO2, how do you intend to dispense the beer once it is carbed?

Had not considered that - nor do I have any experience with the process. I do have a CO2 tank and regulator and have used it for many years to dispense beer from my local micro brewery. The regulator is set at 12 lbs or so for dispensing - I would assume it would take higher pressure to add the desired carbonation to the new beer - any suggestions as to how much pressure to use or how long it takes?

I carb at 30psi. 100 count while rolling the keg at 30 psi, I then leave at 30 for the rest of the day. Then cut down to my serving pressure which on my system is 7-8 psi.

A week at 12psi at serving temp should put it close to the desired carbonation level. You can increase the pressure if you want it to go faster.

I am confused by 100 count while rolling the keg — so you set it at 30 psi and then rock the keg back and forth 100 times?

just count to 100. while rolling back and forth. The motion lets the co2 enter the liquid easier.

I just rock it back and forth with my foot.

the equilibrium method is probably more accurate. If I ever add an additional regulator body this is the method I would go with. Mr wizard says 13 psi, but not going to split hairs over it.

this is what I do. works fine.

Thanks much for the inputs - this is exactly what I’m going to do. Looking forward to it being ready for drinking and to starting another batch of something different.