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Adjust og

Just got done cooling a batch of Imperial Pale Ale. My OG should be b/t 1.075-1.080. I am at 1.072. I had really hoped to be on the high end in order to achieve an 8% ABV. What can I do to adjust this before I pitch my yeast??? Any simple home remedy???

Add some sugar, it wouldn’t take much.

It’s a 5 gallon batch. One cup of sugar do it?

To get your gravity up to 1.080, you would need about 0.9 lb of DME, so I’m guessing you’d need a little better than a lb of sugar for the same effect. Bear in mind that using sugar will thin and dry your beer out somewhat.

If I remember correctly 1 lb of table sugar = .009 gravity points in 5gal. I doubt it will dry or thin out you beer with just 1lb in a beer that big. espicially pale ales are on the dry side, it might improve your beer. I like adding 1 lb to my ipa and even more for barley wines.

Is this an all grain or extract batch? With an extract beer, it’s difficult to get an accurate gravity reading because the wort is usually stratified. give it another good shake in the carboy, let it set for a few and get another reading if it’s an extract beer.


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