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Adjunct water absorption

I don’t often brew high % adjunct beers but I am in the process of brewing a cream ale right now. I used 15% flaked maize and 5% flaked oats.

I like the no-sparge technique, which is what I did for this batch. I figured the typical 0.125gal/lb water absorption rate for the whole grist, including the adjuncts.

Ended up over-shooting the volume and have 7.5gal in the kettle instead of the expected 7.0gal.

Not that big a deal, I’ll just boil a little longer. But I am curious if there is a known adjustment to grain absorption when using adjuncts.

Of course, there is the ever-present possibility that I just screwed up my volume measurement too…

You would just need to know the absorption rates for flaked maize and oats, which is apparently less than .125gal/lb

Neither of them have husks, so I’d figure maybe half the water. Corn probably hold the least since its the plumpest and has the most starch.

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