Additives to extract kit

A while back, I received a Rebel Rye Porter kit free with a big purchase. I finally got around to brewing it but wanted to amp it up a bit. I was interested in adding PB2 and some cocoa powder. Would it be recommended and if so, which amounts for a 5 gallon batch? Would it need to be sanitized? Or should I just follow the kit exactly until I go all grain?

Forgive me for asking, whats PB2? Yes you can add what ever you please, you may want to search the web to git some ideas as to how much and when…. You’ll find yer answers all over the place as everyone has their tried and proven methods… Sneezles61

PB2 is just dehydrated peanut butter. Trying to get a chocolate peanut butter flavor. I’ve searched high and low online. I think I’ll just experiment with amounts. Thanks for the input!

I got that kit awhile back too, extract version. I partial mashed it with a couple pounds of Maris Otter, added a touch of brown malt, a little amber DME, and an extra shot of rye LME. Took a little bit to mellow out, I’m not certain that I like how it turned out, but a lot of my friends rave about it, so either they’re trying to make me feel better (doubtful, they’ve criticized other brews), or it really turned out decent.

Nothing like eating a reeses peanut butter cup while drinking a beer. I’m not sure why you’d want to do something like that, but it seems beer can take on just about any flavor with some experimenting… Sneezles61

We recently bought a sixer of Terrapin brewing’s Liquid Bliss chocolate peanut butter Porter. The aroma was great, the first sip the same. Kind of had to choke down the rest. It was just too much.

This was our opinion so you can judge for yourself if you can find a bottle. You also can add amounts to your own taste but I’m not sure how since I had never heard of PB2 either.