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Adding zest to Chinook IPA

I just ordered 2 Chinook IPA extract kits. I brewed this as my first beer about 4 months ago and it was good. I ordered 2 this time because my wife wants me to add some grapefruit zest when I dry hop one of them… Anyone have experience with adding zest to the Chinook?

I added orange zest from a couple oranges to a Chinook Cascade IPA. Came out nice. I’m sure the grapefruit would work nice

Thanks, I thought about that too.

I made a batch of grapefruit pulpin a while back and used some grapefruit zest and it worked great, it lasted the whole keg and the beer was not consumed too rapidly as the ABV was a bit over 7%,and for me that means I usually only have a couple per sitting.

I enjoyed it also. Liked the Chinook a little more and thought I would try and get a little more citrus in it.

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