Adding yeast

Small batch brew, I accidentally added yeast before shaking the wort as instructed to do. I shook it a but after to mix it up. Will the yeast still work properly?

Yeast cells are fairly tough. You’ll be okay.

Aerating with something like a food processor blade might do some damage.

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Yeah, I always add yeast before aerating. Sometimes O2, sometimes a mix-stir.


Thank you

Usually I shake the bijesus out of my bucket then add yeast and shake the bijesus out of it again. Kind of fun really, my fermentations always start fast and go the distance. Of course I may be doing it “wrong”

Oh that last one was funny, no worries @brew_cat , you are only doing it wrong if you can’t drink the beer. If it’s good, then you might have yourself a new technique.