Adding yeast to the bottles at capping

I added a few grains of Safale 05 to each bottle when I bottled an extract version of the plinian legacy. Just had one. Brew seems a little drier than the last time I brewed this one. Would adding yeast at the bottling stage make for a drier brew?

I would think that the fermentation that happens during bottle conditioning would have no effect on the dryness of a beer. You’re only fermenting sugars (hopefully) that you’ve added post fermentation, and the yeast(whether you add more at bottling or not) can only eat the sugar that’s there (which would only be your priming sugar if your beer has reached final gravity). If a beer were to actually dry out during bottle conditioning, I would bet you’d have huge bottle bombs.



Ah, bottle bombs. Didn’t think of that. I totally agree. Def not bottle bombs. Thanks for the thoughts on this.