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Adding yeast to bottles

I have an American Amber Ale that has been in cold storage for about 6 months. I need to bottle but I want to add some extra yeast to make sure it carbonates properly. What is the best way of going about doing this. Should I just make a small starter and put some of the starter in each bottle with a pipette.

Thankx Drew…

You risk contamination with this method unless you went through a tedious process of sanitizing or flaming the flask and pipette in between pipette draws. You would be best off to quickly add the starter slurry or a sachet of dry yeast along with the sugar solution to the batch as a whole mix well as usual and bottle.

I would make a starter and add it your bottling bucket with the priming sugar at bottling.

You don’t need much yeast to prime in the bottles, 3 grams of rehydrated dry yeast will work.

A couple of grams is all you need. Just add it to your bottling bucket with your priming sugar.

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