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Adding water/ too high OG

Quick question- if I overshoot my OG can I safely dilute the wort before the start of the boil or will that adversely affect the beer?

Full scenario. I batch sparge (cooler/screen) and generally end up at about 76% efficiency. My next batch will involve a decoction (I generally am a single infusion/occasional step infusion guy). Years ago I decocted an Ofest and achieved a mid-80’s efficiency (lost my notes when my computer died).

I’ve set Promash to an 80% efficiency setting for this brew but if I come in over I’d like to be able to keep this beer within the style guidelines.


Hmmmm, unless your yeast won’t convert - i’d say go with it!why not have a 2-3% higher abv.

Sure, you can. i’ve added cold water before but AFTER the boil, not before…that way I can control the amount to ensure 5 gallons and my desired gravity.

Then shake the bejezus out of it and pitch your yeast.


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