Adding thermometer to mash tun cooler

Recently purchased an igloo cooler for a mash tun. I have it all setup but I’m wondering if it’s worth adding a thermometer to it. I know you have to open it every so often to stir it but is there any benefits adding one. Or should I just buy a floating thermometer and call it a day. Anyone have one setup on their cooler mash tun?

Why would you open it to stir it every so often? I would hit your mash temp and leave it be.

I’ve seen some MTs with thermometers. I use a direct fired 3 burner set up and have thermometers on the MT and the HLT. They are only going to read the temp that is in the vicinity of the thermometer. Therefore I use a thermapen to hit my temps as I can take readings everywhere. Plus dial thermometers need to be calibrated frequently.

If it were me I would spend my money on a thermapen that reads accurately within 3 seconds and can take readings throughout the MT.

Just drill a hole in the lid and stick your long stem thermometer in. Keep it simple and cheap

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I use a round igloo cooler for a mash tun. I heat my strike water a couple degrees higher than my target. Add the water ti cooler and stir till it drops to my target temp. This warms the cooler up really good. Stir grains in take the temp and close the lid, after an hour the temp doesn’t drop.

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I’ve thought about doing exactly this. Then I got lazy and never pulled the trigger. My temps never seem to drop too much; so I don’t worry enough to need the extra piece of mind.

I don’t bother anymore. I check when I start to make sure of the temp and leave it. Not much you can do at that point anyway. Once you do a few batches you should be able hit your temperature every time.