Adding table salt to the boil

OK, I have an odd question. My girlfriend adds table salt to her beer and I was thinking of making a beer just for her and adding salt to the boil. I’m wondering if this would be bad for the yeast and make it difficult to ferment. thanks for the input

Sodium can give your beer a weirdly malty charcter of you use much of it. Most people I know who add salt tp beer dp it to cause nucleations sites to decarbonate the beer. Is that why she does it, or is it for flavor?

She adds the salt for flavor. I’m not fan of salt in my beer so I’d make a 3 gallon batch. I’m just not sure how it would ferment. I give her a hard time about adding salt to beer so it would be more of a novilty beer for her.

it might be a better idea to add the salt after fermentation. that way you can add it incrementally until it taste right

I like the idea of waiting until its done fermenting! If I add the salt to the bottling bucket will the beer carbonate in the bottle. I’m all for just trying this but was thinking I’d check here to see if any one thinks the salt would kill off the yeast too much.

How much salt are you talking about? If it would have an effect on the yeast, the concentration should matter.

She puts a crazy amount of salt in her beer. Every few sips she’ll add some more, so I’m thinking a lot of salt. Like a cup or more in a 3 gallon batch


That might taste closer to brine than beer! One pint of beer would have twice the FDA daily recommended sodium. I’d start with a 1/2 tablespoon myself.

That sounds disgusting…sorry, I just had to say it. Why not let her keep putting salt in the glass?

I agree Denny! It’s nasty! I made a great rye beer last month and she tried it yesterday, she really liked it but said it could use some salt. :shock: I was just looking to see if it was possible to make a pre-salted beer just for shiz and grins. That way she’ll have her own.

People can develop an addiction to salt. Is it time for an intervention?

I agree with Denny, that’s disgusting - but worse, it’s dangerous. Time to leave some articles lying around which talk about the link between salt intake and Cardiovascular diseases, and hope she sees them.

After 2 heart attacks, I’m very conscious of both my sodium and beer intake.

I have a friend who “salts” a green salad. :frowning:

LEAF. :shock:

And dressing gets slathered on as well!

Salt is way too prevalent in ALL American diets. Mine included. :shock:

Cook you own food and you’re still in trouble! :shock: But seriously, do it none the less!

Salt for flavor, not for the hell of it!

yeah - got to watch that the salt does not take away all the health benefits of the beer:)

I’m thinking she salts the beer because she likes to salt her beer.
I wouldn’t put salt in the beer. First, because I guess that the freshness of the salting may be important, and second, because it just may be that she likes the act of doing it herself.

Adding salt to your beer may be a cultural thing. I know an older (~65) guy who sheepishly does it (though he said it’s because he likes the foam generated by the salt), and he claimed it was an “old world Polish” thing. Of course, he could be totally making that up, too.

My Dad wasn’t much of a beer drinker, but when he did drink beer he always put salt in it. Caused the beer to foam up, but then the carbonation was significantly reduced, which is why he did it.

When you bottle your next batch add salt to several bottles , then wait and see how they turn out.

Brew with sea water! :smiley:
No, seriously, I would just let her salt her own glass of beer. Brew it the way it should be brewed.