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Adding SS Brewtech Mash tun to equipment profile in Brewsmith

I was going to update my equipment profile to reflect my shiny new Christmas gift of the SS Brewtech 10 gal stainless mash tun. I see there are different factors to enter for specific heat, but I am assuming the “stainless” value assumes a non insulated stainless mash Tun. The SS Brewtech is a 10 gal insulated, with a zero dead-space design. Maybe it does not make a lot of difference, I just figured I would change the data in case it matters. Any ideas of what I should enter or should I just leave it as a 10 gal plastic cooler and maybe just reduce the losses for the lack of dead space in the unit.

Thank you!


I’d probably fudge it somewhere between plastic cooler and stainless. It may affect your strike temperature estimation in BS2. Then you can adjust it based on your own observations. How well do you hit your target mash temps based on BS2’s target strike temps?

I’ve never changed mine from plastic cooler and I mash in uninsulated stainless. I’ve found that my initial mash temp ends up high if I use the BS2 recommended strike temp. So usually heat strike to about 2 degrees less than BS2 recommends.

Makes sense right? Uninsulated stainless should absorb heat more easily than a plastic cooler but retain less heat…hence my fancy sleeping bag insulator during the mash.

I’ll have to change the specific heat value in BS2 and see if I come closer.

Thanks, I will just leave the temp as is and adjust the dead space down to zero.
I will make sure to check the temp closely on the first use to see what it soaks up, thanks for the advice.

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