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Adding something to Irish Red

I have brewed an Irish Red several times that I really like. I am now in the experimental mood and was curious if anyone had any suggestions for tweaking to make it a little more unique. I was leaning towards vanilla beans. Has anyone tried vanilla in an irish red or have any ideas to make it a little more exotic?

Irish reds are usually sweet and malty right?
(been while since I have had one)

So I suppose vanilla you accentuate the sweet side of things.

How are the hops in the recipe?
You could switch those up a little or boost them more (not sure if that would bump it to another style though).

Or go the other way and make it a bit more earthy.

I am new to brewing so I am just kind of shooting from the hip here. :cheers:

I’ve only used vanilla beans once but they were pretty potent and it seems risky for such a light beer. If you do it right it could be good but you would need to add them and do a lot of tastings along the way to make sure it doesn’t turn into a 5% Red Vanilla Bomb. Unless that is what you’re going for of course.

Hops are 1 oz holdings at 60 mins and 1 oz williamette at 1min. I don’t think I want to make it hoppier though.

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