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Adding one wine into another

My wine is made from Welch’s concentrate and should be ready to bottle in just over one week and has a dry taste. A friend has also made a wine from concentrate which has already been bottled and is very sweet in taste (almost too sweet). My question is can I mix both wines together to balance them out and then bottle? :?

That’s what many winemakers do. Just make sure you stabilize the wine with potassium sulfate and potassium sorbate before blending, otherwise it is likely that the yeast still present in your young dry wine will get active again and consume the sugar in the sweet wine.

Rather than just mixing them blindly, consider doing bench trials. Use a syringe to mix exact volumes of each wine in several different concentrations to see which one you like best. Then use that same ratio for mixing the bigger batch.

Or if you like the flavor of your wine, but just want more sweetness, you can just add sugar (after stabilizing).

G’ day rebuiltcellars, I saved out a small amount of my wine the other day when I racked it and we experimented mixing the two wines together. We tried several mixtures and was really surprised what a big difference in taste with of the various combinations.

When should I add the Potassium Sulfate and Potassium Sorbate and how long should I wait before adding the “sweet wine”? Do I need to add both Sulfate and Sorbate or will Sorbate work by itself?

Thank you for your time and knowledge


You should use both. Neither one will by itself kill cultured wine yeasts (OK, the sulfite will, but only in concentrations that are higher than you should use). The sulfite will stun the yeast into dormancy, and the sorbate will prevent them from reproducing, so the combo will effectively stop them from causing any problems for you until they all die.

I would add the sulfite, wait at least a few hours, then add the sorbate. You can blend the two wines immediately after. When blended, some wines will then experience some drop out of particulates soon after. Most won’t, but you want to wait a few days just in case your wine is one of the ones that does.

Hello again rebuiltcellars, I have the Potassium Sorbate and have ordered the Potassium Sulfate this morning and will follow you directions and let you know how it turn out. Thanks again for the help. :mrgreen:

G’ day rebuiltcellars, Yesterday myself and three of my friends experimented with mixing my Dry Wine with the Sweet Wine. We used a large syringe as you suggested to make each mix as exact as possible. After several hours of mixing and tasting the general opinion was to bottle the Dry Wine as is without making any changes to it. We are undecided as to what to do with the Sweet Wine at this time. I would like to thank you again for your solid and straight forward advice and help. :smiley:

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