Adding marshmallows to the boil?

My brother-in-law asked me what I thought would happen if he added marshmallows to a batch, during the boil.

I told him I’d post the question on here and see what you all think. I’m not sure what beer style he’s intending this for, but I’d guess maybe a milk stout?

I was thinking that since mallows are mainly egg whites, and since some old-school winemakers use egg whites to clarify wine, that they might help clear the beer. I really have no idea what to expect though. Thoughts?

I would think they would just add more sugar to the wort. doubt they would add any flavor though. but who knows could be worth a try. Cheers

It must have been a guy like your brother in law that looked at a crab and said "I wonder what happens if you boil that and eat it? I love crabs and live in Maryland, but I cannot imagine being the first guy with the guts to think of eating one of those ugly things

Same guy that licked a frog’s butt and tripped. :shock:

I think you would not be gaining much more from the addition other than the added sugars and vanilla. Not sure if there would be any issues with the tetrasodium pyrophosphate.

Same guy that licked a frog’s butt and tripped. :shock: [/quote]

Ha! Maybe he did that first! :cheers:

Depending on how much you add, the corn starch may lead to some starchiness/haze in your beer. Otherwise, I wouldn’t expect much other than a gravity boost from the sugar.

Thanks for the replies, guys. I’ll bounce this thread over to him and let him go from there. Cheers!

Depending on how many you add and how fast you add all of them the first thing that comes to my mind is sticky mess without any real benefit

Kind of like hitting on the ugly sister-in-law bridesmaid at a wedding. There was probably a lot of beer involved.