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Adding ingredients during fermentation

Second batch of wine so very new to this, but I just made a batch of a sweet strawberry wine yesterday. Today I was given a mason jar of freshly pressed apple juice that I don’t have another use for unless I made an apple wine in the future. What I was wondering is if I could still add this to the primary of my wine without affecting too much. I was told with the recipe I made that you can add a few cups of sugar to up the abv, but forgot to when I originally made it and was wondering if this would be an alternative to that, plus adding a little flavor.

You should be able to add the juice no problem. My suggestion might be to let the wine ferment out as is (5-7 days) and then add the juice as a quasi Chaptalization step.

This is typically how you would add sugars to boost gravity to the upper end of the alcohol tollerance range.

on day 5-7ish (you can take SG if you like but it should be good to go by then) add the juice and stir up the wine - getting the yeast back in suspention.

*1 to what he said. :cheers:

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