Adding hops

For the 1gallon Grapefruit Pulpin Recipe… Can I add the hops to a hop bag and Do I leave all those hops in the fermenter for the whole time of the fermentation

Wait til primary ferment is done, as you will lose some or a lot of the aroma you want, from dry hopping…. Gravity stable, then add yer hops, leave at room temp for 3-7 days, then continue. Sneezles61

The Hops I add during the boil… Do they go into the fermenter or do I leave behind

The recipe calls for hop additions at 45 minutes (the entire boil time) and then with 20 minutes remaining, then 5 minutes remaining, and finally the last addition when the 45 minute boil time ends at 0 minutes. Last is the grapefruit peel after FG is reached.

All of the hops could stay in the fermentor the entire length of the fermentation. The large amount of hops will take up space reducing the actual volume of beer you will have in the fermentor. Krausen going into the airlock is also likely to occur. I would leave as much hop debris as possible in the kettle when your pour into the fermentor. During the cooling of the wort the hop debris will settle to the bottom of the kettle. Being careful when moving the kettle will keep the hop debris on the bottom.

I usually pour my 5 gallon batches through a fine mesh grain bag into the fermentor to remove the hop debris. The bag rests in a large funnel. My Wife is also helping to hold the bag in position to eliminate spills.

You can bag the hops in the boil kettle. The bag will need to be large enough to hold all the hops loosely for circulation of the wort to extract the hop oils and not become tight as the hops expand in size. Kettle size may need to be increased to make room for the large bag and being able to stir at the same time.

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