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Adding hops in primary?

I am working on my first batch, a Dead Ringer kit, and the directions call for adding hops to the secondary.

I have been reading a lot about brewing and I’m thinking that I may just keep it in the primary the whole time. It seems there is a lot of info out there saying that racking to the secondary isn’t necessary. This is ok with me as I want to keep things as simple as possible.

Can I add the hops to the primary fermenter? Do I just dump them in? Do I need to sanitize them somehow? How do I get the hops out when it comes time to bottle?

If you don’t plan to harvest the yeast, then yes primary is fine. Wait until fermentation is complete and just throw them in.

You can cold crash the fermentor and they will all sink to the bottom after your dry hop period. And you just rack above the dry hops.

You don’t need to sanitize them.

Thanks for the reply but cold crashing is not an option. You must understand I am a first time brewer and I am not about to go out and buy a new refrigerator for this hobby. I have already sunk more money in this thing than I intended to.

you don’t need a fridge to cold crash.

you could just do it with a swamp cooler. a bin with water in it and frozen bottles of water. .

And cold crashing just speeds them up, they will fall out anyway.

For the last 5 years or so I pretty much never used a secondary. Recently, I read a great article in Zymurgy by Stan Heironymous about the interaction between yeast and hops. I realized that some of the issues he was describing were what I had been experiencing. The last few batches I’ve xferred to a secondary before dry hopping and I’ve been much happier with the results.

On the 27th I brewed a batch of IPA and earlier today added the dry hops to the primary. I just dumped them in. When it comes time to bottle take a small hop bag and tie it around the end of the racking cane to filter out any hop residue.

NOW you tell me. :frowning:

NOW you tell me. :frowning: [/quote]

Find what works for you. Do a batch with and with out secondary.

To keep the hops a little contained, buy some $.99 panty hose. Wash them, let them soak overnight. Then sanitize and put the hops in. Leave plenty of space for the hops and you should be able to get the panty hose out of a carboy with no issues. If you are using a pail, it will be a breeze.

Some “dust” will make it through the nylon. But not much.

edit: spell check

“Hop dust”…Anybody ever snorted that stuff?

That would make for some good lookin’ boogers… :lol:

[quote=“Stealthcruiser”]“Hop dust”…Anybody ever snorted that stuff?

That would make for some good lookin’ boogers… :lol: [/quote]

If it’s anything like licking Hop Shot then it will blow out your sinuses for a couple days…

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