Adding fruit to brew

I’m new to home brewing. When is the best time to add fruit to the brew. I’m wanting to brew a cherry wheat for the spring camping season. Can anyone help me? :cheers:

I just asked the same question in a separate post! However, I have not yet brewed a beer with fruit. You could check out the Brewing TV episode (29, I think) where Chip brewed a california common with clementines. He also has tasting notes and lists the recipe on the Brewing TV which could help you gain ideas for using fruit in a beer.

It seems most people will add fruit late in the boil or at flameout or in the secondary.

Also Randy Mosher has a book called “Radical Brewing”, which I have, and it has a chapter on using fruit in beers.

I hope this helps you get closer to finding the best time to add fruit to a brew.


If you’re looking for a very present flavor go ahead and add the fruit to both flameout and secondary.

You could look at Northern Brewers Raspberry Wheat kit to get an idea for how to make the cherry wheat beer you want.

Thanks for the info everyone, I’ll check it all out.