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Adding fruit extract

I bought the American Wheat extract kit and plan on turning it into a Rasberry Wheat and was wondering when I should add my fruit extract. It’s been in primary for 6 days now. Do I rack to secondary and add the extract then? Or simply add to the bottling bucket before I rack to that? Read many reviews on the Wheat kit and reviewers did many variations with this kit but I don’t know when to add flavoring.

Add the extract at bottling with the priming sugar. Put it in the bottling bucket first to ensure that it gets mixed well.

Ok, that’s what I was thinking. Thanks for the response. Any need to rack to secondary or let it go in primary for a few more days?

On a wheat beer I would just primary, no need for a secondary as you don’t want it to clear too soon. It will inevitably clear over time though.

For the fruit extract, is it the small bottle of flavoring, or the big juice can? The small flavoring bottle can be added at bottling time in the bottling bucket at the same time you add the priming sugar.

Probably can add the juice can to the primary fermenter once the initial fermentation dies down. I agree with the earlier post that you don’t need to go to a secondary for wheat beers, they are meant to drink young/fresh.

I have the 5 oz rasberry extract bottle. I will just add it to bottling bucket with the priming sugar when that time comes. Thanks for the suggestions fellow brewers!


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