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Adding flavoring to cider

I’ve got a little project going, 3 different gallons of the same cider with 3 different yeasts from white labs. Just placed in secondary last night. So far, California ale is the bomb! I am wondering if anyone out there in brew land has added flavoring? I came across Natures Flavors, they have apple as well as cider. Any one ever used either of theses? Both flavors are offered with and without diacetyl. Any suggestions? Unfortunately, I only have one gallon each fermented with California ale, English cider and Champagne. So, I’m looking for one flavoring to add to each. This way I can figure out the recipe i will use in the future.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Hi lildoc,

I can’t help with your question but would like to ask what cider or juice you’re using?


If you really want a good experiment, only add your flavorings to half of each batch – make 6 batches total. Otherwise the flavorings will distract you from being able to pick up subtle differences in the yeasts.

Personally I would not add any flavorings to my ciders so I am not much help there. I like the straight unflavored stuff best.

So far I have only made one batch of cider, but we did split it before bottling. Half went unflavored with some wine conditioner to sweeten it some (it was a VERY dry cider)- the other half got conditioner and some Blackberry extract meant for wine. I fount it at my local brew store right next to the conditioner and tired it on a whim, they also had about 6 other flavors. I really liked the flavor that came out, and most people who tried it preferred the blackberry to the plain. I think the blackberry made for a more tart drink, and maybe added a touch of sweetness, but not much.

I have also heard of adding straight fruit juice to the cider after fermentation before bottling, but then you will have to crash the yeast (cold or hot crashing) once you are happy with the carbonation, otherwise you will have explosions. I’m not comfortable yet doing this, so next batch I will do my second fermentation over fruit puree, which is supposed to help sweeten and flavor. I also like dmtaylo2’s idea of flavoring half of each, it led for great comparison of my cider.

Hope this helps!

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